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Educational Speaker

Encouraging and Inspiring children to walk the path of graduation as their stepping stone into life is how Lincoln’s Educational talks start. Giving his life examples and experiences of those close to him, Lincoln can reach the hearts our youth. 

Focused toward any age or grade, your students leave this assembly feeling empowered, like they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Let Lincoln share and have your students relate and apply his wisdom to their future goals and plans. 

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Community Speaker

Lincoln can speak at charity events, church seminars, and all community events. He can add a flare of hope to any event. He has talked prepared for youth encouragement, inspirational speeches for new or young writers. 

Book Signing

Invite Lincoln to your event opening, media store, Library event, or any store event.  He will set up a table and hand autograph his books purchased.  He is a great addition to inspire the community at your place of business.

Youth Group Speaker

Lincoln has great prepared talks for encouraging our youth through their struggles, inspiration educational goals, and living up to the adult that society expect of them. He is a great addition to a scout or church youth group event. 

Educational Speaker

Lincoln is a exciting and motivational speaker with talks to encourage and inspire our children of any age or grade to finish school and achieve their goal, whether through traditional college, vocational college, or other laid out life paths. 

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